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"Richard and Anne"
by Jacqueli Finley

The Genealogy, History, Descent and Ancestry of The Lee Family of Virginia

This website is dedicated to the descendants and ancestral lineage of the Lee Family of Virginia.
Richard Lee I - the "Founding father" of the 
Lee Family of the Virginia Colony -
The Lost Lineage - The William Lee and Alice Felton descendants -
the Ancestry Descending from Royalty -  the Davidic Lineage from Adam, which the ancestral lineage of the Lee family descends.

For hundreds of years, the descendants of Col. Richard Lee's son, William Lee, have been denied their heritage- denied their birthright by historians and scholars that refuse to allow the truth to be known. Because of speculation that was considered as truths and opinions that were published as facts by out-dated references that have no proven documentation, as law. The denial goes on-even in these times as the internet opens new frontiers of knowledge, as Federal Census records and documentation that was previously blocked from our view are now accessible - as birth, marriage and death publications are now available-making it possible to prove the existence of this lineage and that it does live on-through the thousand of GEDCOM files available on genealogy sites worldwide-- and even though the facts are there, the denial of these proud descendants goes on ...

American History is the foundation upon which our great Nation stands-the importance of integrity and substance is from which we thrive and our patriotic pride derives. It is what we are taught and what fills our heart and minds as we say our Pledge of Allegiance. And at the beginning and woven throughout the pattern of time the Lee Family of Virginia has been the common thread that has held so true....yet the fabric has been cut, torn, sown over to hide the holes.

This website is a quest for the true descending lines of Richard Lee I to be acknowledged...to right the wrongs. This website is about the commitment to honor the Lee Family name by those denied that right. This website is dedicated to the patriotism, courage of our Lee family members.
This website is dedicated to revealing all the forgotten generations, giving freedom to those who know of who they are, but not believed.

Corrections and recognition of William Lee's marriage to Alice Felton has now been publicly acknowledged ... the lines from them from their children .... and the many of us who can be proud of our heritage can triumph at last.

William son of Richard Lee I and Anne Constable
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This is a victory for those of us who knew William Lee did survive and marry, having children that created direct descendants to the Lee Family of Virginia line.  A victory for those of us who fought the historians, the Society of Lees of Virginia, "expert" genealogist, for those of us who felt the blunt of the criticism, the sarcasm, the vicious attacks that would come to us that tried.  And for those of us who felt failure at the attempts to be heard and have the corrections be made by those who sit in the positions of self imposed authority to decide whom is a Lee and whom is not.  And for those of us who felt the embarrassments and punishments dealt to us who attempted to face up to these individuals. 

Unfortunately, in spite of the recognitions and corrections, these same individuals have not publicly announce the truth of
William Lee's descendants.  They have not publicly apologized for their outrageous behavior and denials, nor have they retracted their stance on the issue.  In fact, to this date, to become a member of the Society of Lees of Virginia the imposed rules of being considered a direct descendant of Richard Lee and the Virginia Lee Family one must prove oneself by the lineage and standards of the printing of Edmund Jennings Lee's 1895 "Lees of Virginia" ... not the latter corrected version, and not the newly founded proof of the William Lee lineage existence, and not to forget all the other historical publications that acknowledge the marriage of William Lee, his marriage to Alice Felton, and their four children.  These historical publications can easily be found at the Library of Congress under the category of Lee Family Genealogy.

Why is that?  Perhaps they scramble.  Perhaps there are all of those so called DNA test which disproved the line and other descendants by using less than adequate DNA and procedures.  Perhaps because of this new found information and what is stated in Richard Lee's will his wishes of all of his holdings and fortunes be passed down to his sons, his sons children, and their children, for all of time.
But - if the William Lee line is now undisputed as TRUE -

The question is.... HOW WILL THEY MAKE THIS RIGHT?

To understand the reasoning behind the insult, the controversy stems from Mary Lee (Heath) daughter of William Lee and Alice Felton.

To further examine the issues of Mary Lee Heath, it is important to understand Mary Lee’s father (Capt. William Lee) died young leaving her as heiress. She inherited land from her father. However, after her remarriage to Bartholomew Schreever and the circumstances associated with it, the Lee family filed suit against Mary for the land. Two court dates later, Mary had lost her inheritance and been disowned by the Lee family. To this day the Society of Lees of Virginia will not accept her descendants as members.

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This is website is dedicated to the preservation of the entire genealogical historical lineage of the Lee Family tree.


Our Lee Ancestors ...

They gave us our heritage, and it is time we show them our gratitude and recognition for who they were. They were not saints - sometimes proving their point rather strongly - but they did live with an ethic that we would do well to remember today. They worked hard - and were rewarded for that, usually. They helped one another, and as families were orphaned - took in the children, extended their families - took care of their own. They did not think for an instant if this was something the "government" should do. To them, that was unthinkable. Family and neighbors shouldered responsibility and moved on. They moved westward, ever westward - as pioneers - living and moving deeper and deeper into often hostile territory - to carve out civilization from nothing....

Our Lee Ancestors ...

They built a Nation that is the envy of everyone else who did not follow their example. They despised all who lacked self-respect. They built churches and schools as they needed them, held barn raisings and worked harvest days that ended in "courting" parties, establishing new generations.

What we do today that we should not be doing, they would have strongly discouraged. What they did do, we should still be doing.

They are an example of success in the face of disease and hardship, we have now overcome. We should and can learn from their example - perhaps we too need to be tested and purified by the fires, the tribulations, as they were - for they turned out the better from these trials...  perhaps we have become too soft, too lazy and self-indulgent. We should examine what made them great, examine what made them successful - and we should follow their examples, preferably without needing the experience of the tribulation, but through thought, morality and mental effort.

The American Patriot

We view with pride our ancestors’ names.
The blood they shed runs through our veins.
They fought to give us freedom and liberty,
These Patriots we proudly display on our trees.
The Founding Fathers of our Nation’s Pride,
They fought tyranny united, side b
y side.
Yet - how would they view us if they were alive today?
Would they accept these circumstances or would they dismay?
Or might they tell us that it is our responsibility?
To uphold and protect the Constitution they fought for
that set us free?
Or would they pick up the ax to help chip away
The foundation this Nation was built?
Leaving it to corruption and be reduced to silt?
Would they choose fortune over the future of us all?
Would they care not at this Nations fall?
I say to you, as they might say to me
“YOU, The People, are the namesakes of OUR legacy.
It is up to YOU”, they might interject!
“Wake Up Americans!
Time is growing short, but it is not over yet …
We did change the past to better this land!
And together YOU can make change again - only if, You the People, take a stand!
Be the Lion, not the sheep!
Live your lives with eyes open, not half asleep!
For only United this Nation can remain standing, and Divided you will surely Fall!
The future of the Republic depends upon YOU ALL.
For ‘Ever mindful of the Future’ must be your creed,
Remembering always ‘Don’t Thread on Me ’”!
~ Jacqueli C. Finley